A few years back I started teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in a youth detention centre.
Since these sacred teachings have turned my life around for good, I am now passing on what I have learned to those in need. My intention is to help the young ones especially to connect to their higher guidance and wisdom, to their higher teacher, which is their soul. I have found in my life that this higher wisdom can guide us to lead our lives in a more loving and conscious way.

However, I have found these teachings especially helpful when life seems hard and when I loose ground.


Since our society fails to teach us what we can do when we are chellenged  by our life (which we all are at some point), this is what I am aiming to reverse. This is why I teach techniques how to quiten the mind, how to forgive oneself and how to love oneself so we can start to share this love with others. With our families, our friends and loved ones.




Photo by Jonas Wresch, STERN Magazine (Germany), issue 36 2017

Before class starts in the court of the youth detention centre in summer

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation / Maren Guessmann / Youth Yoga Project

Teaching Kundalini Yoga in a surf camp in Portugal